Sunday, 23 August 2009

Classics II - Polka dots

This is the second post dedicated to "classic" fabric.

Today: Polka dots!

And I made this:

A simple summery top for a little girl.

This little top reminds me of the dresses my grandmother used to make for my sister and I. I don't remember if she ever made something like this, but it has an air of "a long time ago".

I made the pattern myself based on a shop bought dress. I shortened the length to make a top instead and lowered the neck line. I added a pocket and an opening at the back.

Instead of using coordinating thread on the bias tape I used a contrasting orange - which of course follows the polka dot theme.

Bias tape is a favourite of mine!
I might even do a post dedicated to bias tape soon!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Classics I - Portuguese "chita"

This is the first post entitled "Classics", which I'll dedicated to more traditional or classic fabric. Today I dedicate it to the traditional Portuguese fabric called "chita".

A sample.

I bought this fabric in one of my favourite towns in Portugal, Caldas da Rainha. Known for its ceramics, for the old spa, the fruit and vegetable market and for the beautiful park.
There are still some little traditional shops like the little old haberdashers with wooden floors and wooden counters and shelves. And lovely reproductions of old portuguese fabrics, like these I bought.

My plan is to make some girlie dresses and skirts (I love skirts!).
The fabric with the red stripes is much thicker than the others, so I made a school bag for Pauline, a little friend, who has just started school.

Contrasting fabrics are great to combine. Blue flowers and red stripes with green gingham lining. And outer fabric for an inside pocket.

I wanted to make a shoulder bag to wear across, my favourite way of carrying a bag.
Here modelled by my son:
I also wanted a slightly different way of attaching the strap to the bag, so I sewed it to the outside of the bag, leaving a small loose flap at the end of the strap on each side. A small detail, but which is quite effective. I think.

If there's any fabric you can think of to include in this series of posts please come with suggestions!
It would be fun to have a wide selection of fabric shown here!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Boys in safari shorts

In July we visited grandma in Shrewsbury, England.
Lovely little town with a lovely fabric shop.
Let's go in just to look, I said...
My kids immediately saw this fabric and wanted it. They just wanted it.

I've been wanting to make them some shorts, but I had thought of something a bit more classic, like stripes.

I would never have chosen this "safari" fabric, but my kids wouldn't have been more pleased with their shorts!
They love their shorts and wear them all the time.
Shame Summer is almost over, over here!

I used the pijama pattern in Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing but cut the leg shorter and added 2 pockets on the back.

I bought lots more fabric there as well! More photos later!

Friday, 14 August 2009

Girly skirts for every girl!

Back in the 80's I made my very first, and until now, my only skirt. Just an elastic around the waist. Simple. Just like these with added inspiration from Oliver+S Lazy Days skirt with the pretty ribbon along the hem.

These two skirts were for Pauline and Louise. The very cute red Tilda fabric for Pauline and light blue polka dots for Louise. Both fabrics were bought at Panduro (as well as the Blue "Ocean View" Tilda below). Panduro has very nice fabric!

I like the constrasting old green against the light blue.

I have now made six different Lazy Days skirts. I want them all different with different ribbons. Every little girl is unique. Every little skirt is different.

Strawberries on black with red ribbon

Red gingham and flower ribbon

Blue "Ocean View" Tilda and orange ribbon

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Welcome! Day One.

Hello and welcome to my very first post on my very first blog! I am Miss Pelicano!
This blog will be mostly about sewing. My sewing stuff and others'.
I started
sewing sometime in february this year, inspired by a very talented crafty blogger, Constança at Saídos da Concha.
Since then I have also been inspired by many other very talented crafts people and their amazing blogs.

My partner has also encouraged me to continue sewing and to create this blog.
For him I have so far made two neck ties. Photos up soon!

I won't be a fluent blogger as I have little time over but I'll try to show the things I'm making, ask for advice and hopefully exchange ideas and inspiration with you.

I'm from Portugal but I've been living in Sweden since 1996. My partner is English and we have two young boys.

I am a Montessori teacher currently doing some further studies in education at Höskolan Dalarna in Sweden.

The photo for the banner shows the gardening gloves I made from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing. The fabric I used was from a girl's dress I bought in a second hand shop.

More sewing from that book will follow on other posts!

Why the name "Miss Pelicano"?
My name is Barbara Pelicano Soeiro. At the school where I have been teaching the children call me Miss Pelicano. It wasn't my first choice for the name of this blog, but after many, what I thought were original ideas, I realised that nothing is original anymore except your own name! Anyway, "Miss Pelicano" will remind me of all the wonderful children I have taught! And now having taken two years off to study it's nice to have that memory!

I hope you enjoy this time with me!


You are welcome to send a link of my blog to your friends and quote me on anything you find interesting, but I would appreciate it if you do not use my photos. Thank you!

I'm a novice in sewing and blogging. As you will see the quality of the photos isn't the best, a bit fuzzy. when you CLICK ON EACH PHOTO the photo is enlarged and the quality is actually better. What am I doing wrong?