Thursday, 29 July 2010

If I Only Had A ...

... tin full of biscuits!

I've been searching for the perfect biscuit tin, as Dorothy was searching for her way back home. And on our holiday in England I finally found it!
We are all huge fans of The Wizard of Oz and what could be better than this tin featuring our 4 favourite heroes? 
I grew up with these old classic musicals and maybe I even dreamt of becoming a musical movie star, tapdancing and singing on the big silver screen.... It's so wonderful now to watch my two sons enjoying this film as much as I've always done! It's really timeless! 

Today, a rainy day, we baked delicious biscuits to fill up our new, perfect tin! 
And now every time I take a biscuit from the tin I can't help but start singing all those amazing songs. It's a bit like those music boxes which start playing when you open them!

And more...

So let yourself skip and jump out on the streets as if you were dancing along the yellow brick road!
And smile!

Which is your favourite song from the Wizard of Oz?
Or, which is your favourite musical?


  1. Eu não sou muito entendida em musicais mas em bolachas;) Gosto dessas e da lata! Beijinhos Bárbara***

  2. Les Miserables, Cats... Acho que são os meus preferidos! Vejo que estás de regresso! Chuva??? Por cá têm estado 40 ºC, 35ºC. Hoje está mais fresco (talvez 30ºC). De manhã até tive de por um casaquinho (20 e tal graus???). Bjs AB

  3. A lata é tãaaaaoooo gira!!!!!

  4. All the songs are so wonderful it is hard to say okay this one is my favorite. We love the Munchkin song in our house because it is so comical. I love all of the Munchkin costumes in the movie - that time in movie & theatre history is full of inspirational costumes.
    My favorite musical is The Music Man. You can find a silly song from it here: