Wednesday, 15 June 2011

On my balcony - My little lilac

Not having a garden is a sad reality. But luckily I have a big sunny balcony where I can make some of my dreams come true! Gardening is a passion and I would like to share with you the beautiful things that grow om ny balcony.

In May, Sweden is covered in lilacs and the scent they spread in the breeze is so sweet! When I was little and still living in Portugal, I had a book which I loved, called The Party of the Lilac Fairy (the book was in Portuguese but this is what the title meant) and I could read it and look at the pictures for ages dreaming of lilacs. So you can imagine how happy I am when they all come out here in the Spring! So I've always dreamt of having a garden full of lilacs. I'm still dreaming of that. But now I have my own little lilac on my balcony!

It's a dwarf lilac (microphylla 'Superba'), perfect for container planting and it's so hardy it survived the harsh winter we had last year! I was too lazy to cover it and was so happy when the first new buds started to appear! I placed the lilac by the balcony door and when the door is open we get this wonderfully sweet scent filling the living room. and then you just feel that Summer is coming!
 I love my little lilac!


  1. Fantástico! Está cheio de flores!! Aqui no jardim há dois ou três arbustos mas devem estar a precisar de ser podados porque quase não dão flor...

    Também adoro lilases! :) E sabes que as flores são comestíveis? Podes cristalizá-las e pô-las em bolos.

  2. Que perfume ! o lilás do meu jardim está velhote e não deu flores este ano, uma tristeza, provávelmente necessitava de adubo quando a neve derreteu, agora é tarde demais ...

  3. Your lilac is beautiful I love the scent..... Hope you are well, send you amail soon.

  4. Lindo o teu lilás e adoro o perfume que espalha... Acho que também vou tentar a minha sorte e semear umas abóboras aqui no pátio! :-)