Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Happy Skirt With Meat Balls!

Saw this fabric at IKEA and, what do you know! I HAD to get some! It's the magnificent Eivor Leva with so many fun details that it's hard to just buy a bit because I really want to have all the little different pictures on it. (I need to go back and get some more!). And what could be more Swedish than meatballs? I mean, who else has a skirt with flying meatballs on it? I feel so happy wearing this skirt!
I've been in a skirt-making mode lately so I had to make another skirt. I made an A-Line Skirt from "Sew What! Skirts:16 Simple Styles You Can Make With Fabulous Fabrics

I added a red zip and finished the waistline  with a complementing bias tape: a lovely green that actually goes really well with the greens on the fabric.



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