Thursday, 10 September 2009

Flowers. Floral Fabric. Favourite

This summer we went to Shrewsbury to visit Grandma.
In a wonderful fabric shop I found this beautiful floral fabric which I immediately fell in love with!
I wanted metres and metres of it. It would be perfect for a romantic summer dress.
But they only had it in fat quarters!
So I bought nine fat quarters and I will make my dress! I'll have to sew all the bits together first, but there will be a dress!
Somethings you just have to have!

This fabric is by Diane Richmond.
(I think this is the right Diane Richmond... I can't find this fabric anywhere...)

I love these flowers. I'm trying to find their name.... I'll get back to this later...

And then...

We went to Portugal, to a little village where we have an old family country place to visit the other Grandma, my mum.
And in the garden were these amazing flowers again! Just spreading everywhere! So beautiful!

We had a family lunch there and of course I had to have some on the table!

And when my romantic summer dress is ready, I can go for walks and have tea in the garden.
In Tasha Tudor's romantic garden!

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  1. Muito giro a associação das flores de F. com as do tecido.
    Ana B. (mana)