Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Here is the first tie i made!

I made the pattern by tracing an old tie and then used the facing from that tie.
I used a vintage fabric which I bought in a flee market here in Sweden. It was an old curtain!
It's really fun to recycle materials. To make something new and completely different from the original item.

The lining was really tricky to sew in as it has to be aligned in a certain way which, if you are making a tie for the very first time with no instructions, is a bit of a mystery. It was for me! So I had to do and undo many times until I finally got it and was satisfied.
For the second tie it was all much easier, although there was still a bit of undoing.

This is the second tie

Tie in the making

The whole project is quite fidly but once in a while I really enjoy this kind of work!


  1. UAU!

    Estão ultra profissionais!!

  2. para 1ª vez está perfeito :)

  3. Esqueci-me...
    Como fizeste a tua etiqueta? Parece que escreveste sobre o tecido! É assim? se for, tens te criar uma «Etiqueta a sério»!
    AB (mana)

  4. Parabéns, Bárbara! Adoro a segunda, a do Galo! Aceitas encomendas?
    AB (mana)

  5. Sim, Ana. Aceito encomendas! Escolhes o tecido se quiseres e eu coso! Obrigada pelo intresse!

  6. Congratulations on these beautiful ties! They are distinctive, stylish and gorgeously crafted.

    They have a really festive, loud, bold feel to them - which many guys like in their ties - without actually having Homer Simpson or Jessica Rabbit plastered across the chest.

    Bold, eye-catching, jubilant, different. Suprenmely wearable for formal and informal occasions.

    More please Miss Pelicano!!!
    Your stuff rocks!!!
    //An admirer