Monday, 12 April 2010

Easy Grocery Bag

I love big bags.
I don't like plastic bags. Not only for their environmental unfriendliness but also because I really think they are so unelegant and impersonal. If plastic bags were the the environmentally friendly way to go I would really have to push myself to follow that....

I had been looking for a pattern for a good size shopping bag and Keyka Lou had the perfect one!

It's the Easy Grocery Bag.

 Outer fabric from Åhléns and lining from Ikea.

The topstiching over the handles recommended in the pattern adds strength and is a beautiful detail.
I used contrasting thread. A bright green adds colour to the grey.

And the new labels:
Miss Pe...

The Easy Grocery Bag is really easy to sew and it has great curvy handles!
This is really one of my favourite patterns for totes now!
I made it for a friend as a Birthday present.


  1. Está giríssima! Gosto do desenho das alças e a etiqueta muito elegante :)

  2. Oh wow! That bag looks gorgeous! Admiring your great finishing too, very neat topstitching (mine always so wonky lol). I'd love to sew this one day. Glad you're back to sewing! :)

  3. Like you say the green on grey is v nice.
    Green on grey definitely worth exploring? I'd never have though of it! Tasty labels too! Nice double writing! Lkng 4wd to nxt 1! /m

  4. Lovely bag and very good fabric choise. i think I'll also buy the pattern....

  5. By Deva: Obrigada! Também gosto das novas etiquetas! Um pouco impessoais quando não se pode escolher o tipo de letra. Mas ao menos escolhi o branco sobre verde que era mesmo o que queria. Agora já não tenho de as fazer à mão...
    Zura: Nice to have you visiting! I'm so fussy about the topstiching.... mine is still wonky!
    m: Thanks!
    Baukje: Thanks! I really recommend this pattern. I really enjoyed making it.

  6. Até que enfim que «blogaste»!!! Está giro, e muito perfeito. Adorei a etiqueta! Por cá chuva!:-( E por aí? Beijinhos, Mana AB

  7. Adoro! Adoro o formato, as alças, a etiqueta, muito bonita e muito bem executada, parabéns:) Beijinhos!

  8. That's super nice and super well finished, by the way! Great job