Friday, 23 April 2010

Girly Skirts - Again!

Yes, another one! I just love them!

This one I called the "Polka Skirt".
Polka dots on the pockets and enough twirl for a dance and a run!

Polka Skirt

This time with pockets. Reinforced pockets.

Or where would the little girls keep the little treasures they find? Little stones, little acorns, little leaves....

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Eu só tenho meninos, e a mim não me serve (ainda!!!:-)
    Está gira.
    Beijinhos, Mana Ana.

  2. está gira com essas flores tão 70's !
    aquela ali em baixo tinha folhos, não era ? fiz umas desse género, olha aqui :

  3. I like it! Love those cute little pockets, and the main print is so adorable :)

  4. Congratulations for your inspiration and work.
    I'm very proud of your talent wishing a largest acceptable and recognition of your good taste.
    Kisses, from daddy.

  5. Estás imparável :) O tecido é bastante mimoso e primaveril; ficou mesmo muito gira!

  6. Barbara, please do quit your day job! your stuff is fab! you should do this for a living. kram johanna

  7. :) Obrigada e Thanks!
    Yes, Johanna, I will... ;) Thanks

  8. Lovely skirt!!!! You rock! Muito bom!!!