Thursday, 7 October 2010

Big Butt Baby Pants - Made by Rae. Made by me!

I had been looking for a good baby pants pattern to sew when I came across this lovely one by Made by Rae. It's called Big Butt Baby Pants, which is a perfect name as there is really enough space for a big soft cuddly warm bottom with nappies.

This is the back view with the rear pannel to allow extra room for "the big butt".
It was a bit tricky and fiddly to sew the leg seams together, with the rear pannel, and it ended up not very neat, sort of puckering at the bottom. I thought it was me doing something wrong. But then I was relieved to hear that everyone else sewing this patterrn, even Rae herself (!) had the same problem! So Rae was great and wrote a post just about the changes she has made in the sewing instructions, to avoid this problem. If you're planning to sew these pants, and I really reccomend this pattern, be sure to check Rae's alterations here first! Then you're set to have the cutest pair of baby pants!

The pattern says that top stitching of the rear pannel is optional. But I really reccomend it as it does add a little special touch to the pants.
This fabric is a lovely lightweight, smooth to the touch, cotton which I bought during our summer holiday in Shrewsbury, England in a lovely shop called Watson & Thornton.


  1. Que tecido tão bonito! Estás uma grande costureira;)

  2. O tecido é lindíssimo, muito bem, muito bem :)

  3. What a great idea in a baby pants pattern! Diapers always stretch the limits of baby clothing - this is an ingenious way around the problem!

  4. Really cute fabric and pants by the way!