Monday, 11 October 2010

Girly Skirt - One More!

 Strawberry Fields  
Girly Skirt

Easy to make in endless variations and combinations! 
I've lost count of how many of these Girly Skirts I've made now! I love them not only because they are very easy to make, but especially because of their simplicity which really allows for the fabric to stand out and for all the different variations you can make. 


I love this strawberry fabric which I got in the local fabric shop, and also found some in this shop in England.
It's a lovely, light, easy to iron, cotton which I have used in different colour backgrounds: in black, white and now this one in blue.


  1. Very sweet skirts Barbara! I love the doubling of the strawberries, and after re-reading the post about Ingmar Bergman and smultronstallet and just realized the twin meaning in your blog banner!

  2. Really lovely fabric and chapeau for your sewing!

  3. Os moranguinhos voltaram! Muito bonita a tua saia, quem é menina contemplada? :-) beijinho