Sunday, 29 November 2009

1st of Advent

Today Sweden celebrates the 1st of Advent.
Every home lights a candle on their Advent candles.
We do this every year to celebrate the 4th Sunday before Christmas. Then next Sunday we light the next candle, then the next, then.... it's Christmas!

We eat pepparkakor (like the two hearts above) , the Swedish gingerbread biscuits,

and drink glögg, the Swedish mulled wine,

and as Lucia is coming soon, we eat lusse bullar, the Swedish saffran buns.

Delicious and so cozy!

Every house has a shining star on the window and it's such a beautiful sight! Every home looks so warm and welcoming!

This year I got the idea of using a baking tin as part of the Christmas decoration from Drömhem och Trädgård. No ambition of being the perfect design home, but it was fun to try something different.

The magazine suggests you use a vintage baking tin, but I just used my old one. It looks sort of rustic anyway.
We had friends over for the Advent pepparkakor and glögg and they thought it looked great! Wonderful friends!

This is one of my favourite times of the year!


  1. Adorei a imagem das luzinhas nas janelas! Ontem também fizémos a nossa árvore de Natal. Também adoro esta altura do ano! Acho que tudo fica mais bonito! Gostei das fotografias. AB

  2. que atmosfera acolhente ! foste tu quem fez o bolo tranca ? (com cedilha) eu tambem gosto muito das velas do advento, o Natal que se aproxima ...

  3. Espero que me faças também cá um arranjo bonito, para por em casa! Na imagem das luzinhas nas janelas parace que está o fantasma da Felícia!:-( A Mãe