Sunday, 8 November 2009

Dots and Roses reversible handbag

Happy Birthday Rachel!

For our 17 year old niece I've made this handbag with bamboo handles.

I wanted to use the bamboo handles and make a simple bag.
I didn't have a pattern and I just started adding little things to the simple bag I had in mind: extra fabric handles, lining, squared bottom, pleats, inside pocket.....
So it wasn't so simple in the end, but it was so much fun to not have a pattern and to be free to add and change as I went along.

And I made it reversible.

I bought this little green tassel ages ago and I finally found a good place for it.

It's more of a Summer handbag, but anyway, time flies and it'll be Summer again soon!

My five year old son took this photo of me with the Rose and Dots reversible handbag!

The floral fabric is by Vera Bradley.

Note: My patterns and names of patterns are registered. You are welcome to contact me for a pattern. You are welcome to use these ideas but I would really appreciate it if you link to my blog/post! Thank you! And have fun!


  1. Está lindo. Parabéns. Mesmo giro!

  2. Obrigada Ana! Ainda bem que gostaste!

  3. I think this is a beautiful bag!!!
    Gorgeous warm pinks. So lush and pouchy!
    And that green tassel - it's just so SEXY!

  4. A mãe ficou com inveja!!!

  5. que gira a ideia das asas de bambou

  6. Simply amazing ! Love everything about this bag:color, shape, handles, Dots!!
    Love bags in general...