Saturday, 14 November 2009

A table is a table. Or is it?

Challenged by Concha at Saídos da Concha, who was challenged by Alice, who also challenged others, here I am showing my working table.

It isn't actually a table, but it works as one. And as an ironing board as well (because it is one), which is really practical!
Because of lack of space, this is the best solution. I tried several. And working on the floor - which I still do for bigger projects, like when I make clothes - wasn't so practical with two young children around.
I like being able to leave unfinished projects visible and ready for the next move.

And now I also challenge Mona, Mai and Amélie to show their working tables.
Mona, for her collage like houses, Mai, for her delicate and incredible handsewing of all her creative projects, and Amélie for the perfection in her sewing and her short animations.

Then they must also challenge three other people to do the same!

This table business made me think of a Portuguese children's book I bought a while ago.

A Table is a Table. Or is it?
Isabel Martins, Madalena Matoso
Planeta Tangerina

A little girl sees a table and for her that's exactly what it is. A table. She meets different people that day who have so many different ideas of what a table is.
I like the collage illustrations! Just like Mona's collage like sewing.

It'll be fun to see other people's working tables!

And I hope you enjoy visiting Mona, Mai and Amélie!


  1. as ideias estao na cabeca e nao na mesa nao e ?
    eu tenho uma mesa para mim e no entanto vagabundo pela casa ao ritmo dos meus humores... sera isso desarrumacao mental ? ;-)

  2. Tanta cor! E tanta confusão! Óptimo sinal!! :)

    Gostei de ver!

  3. Hi, thank you for visiting my blog!
    The picture of your ironing board looks very familiar to me, I've got the same situation going on regularly in my sewing room. Hope to see the project(with the leaf fabric)you're working on soon!

  4. Olá Vera,
    a criatividade é assim mesmo. As ideias surgem quando menos esperamos.
    Ontem li um livro sobre o corpo humano com os meus filhos onde diz que é à noite quando dormimos que o cérebro arruma os nossos pensamentos. Por isso é só dormir que fica tudo arrumadinho! ;)

  5. hi, Thanks for the challenge and link to mydaruma.
    I'm going to post (maybe tomorrow or the next day). I have taken the picture right after i got your mail though. Boy! does it look messy! Actually when i read your mail i thought: "oh my god, not now! It's terrible". But let's admit it's messy every day ;o)

  6. O teu post está mesmo giro! Mas que consfusão. O que interessa é que tu te consigas organizar. A parte do livro e associação ao mesmo está mesmo gira!AB

  7. Hi Barbara,
    that´s the perfect time for takibg a picture of my working table - lol... I have cleaned it up yesterday!!!!! It was such a mess I couldn´t work any more! So I will take some days to take a new picture (yes I did take one today), but I will need some days to challenge some other ladies (2 sick kiddies at home, a job and a show coming up....)
    keep on sewing : )

  8. sorry, it has to mean: taking....not takibg

  9. Hi Monika!
    That's great! You can also show your tidy table!
    Hope your kids gets better! Mine have just recovered.
    Good luck with your show!
    Looking forward to seeing your post. Don't stress.