Thursday, 10 December 2009

"Big Jumps" gym bag

For an active little girl who goes dancing I designed this combined tote/draw string bag.

It has the cuteness of a little tote and the practicality of a draw string bag so the ballet shoes don't fall out!

"Big Jumps" gym bag
Pattern by Miss Pelicano

The bag is lined with the polka dot fabric which sticks out at the top with the draw string. The lining/draw string bag is sewn on to the tote.

Align Centre
Outer fabric: "Tossed Ladybugs", Retrodepot Fabrics
Lining: Polka dots from local fabric shop in Lisbon, Portuga

Note: Let me know if you are interested in a tutorial for the "Big Jumps" gym bag! You are welcome to use these ideas but I would really appreciate it if you link to my blog/post! Thank you! And have fun!


  1. Tão giro!!! AB

  2. Olha o tecido dos lenços de Pirata, da Festa do Franc. «Cortaste a cabeça aos Piratas, ou fizeste algum negócio para eles te darem os lenços???»:-) Está giro. Mãe

  3. Eu quero tutorial!

    Gosto muito da solução para fechar o saco. As japonesas também são adeptas disso! :)

  4. Obrigada pelo interesse! ;)
    O tutorial virá depois do Natal!