Wednesday, 16 December 2009

3rd of Advent & Lucia

Last Sunday was the 3rd of Advent, which means only one more Sunday till Christmas!

It was also Lucia.

More Lucia songs here!

So we baked the traditional lusse bullar. Delicious saffran buns!
And I just love when the dough is rising! And the smell!...

You can make them into different shapes and they all have different names.

This one is a dubbel kusse.
I symbolically give it to Vera at Brikebrok
who, on the 1st of Advent, wondered if I had baked the lusse bulle on the photo, which I hadn't.

We also made pepparkakor, the Swedish gingerbread biscuits, which of course noone could keep their hands off!


  1. Oh, obrigada Barbara ! vou dar uma dentada "virtual" ! ;-)
    aqui tambem fui a uma festa dos suecos pela sta lucia, muito bonito, as luzes e os cantos

  2. Bom proveito!;) Pois, a festa da Lucia é linda!