Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Commission - Bags and Purses

I was commissioned 3 bags and 4 purses to be given away as Christmas presents.

I had a pattern in mind with pleats. Pleats have always been a bit of a scary thought, but in the end it's just folding the fabric. I put a simple pleat on each side of the bag and it gives the bag a bit of volume.

Because of the "A" shaped effect of the pleat and the slight "A" shape of the actual bag, I thought "A-Line" Shoulder Bag would be an appropriate name for this pattern. What do you think?

"A-Line" Shoulder bag
Pattern by Miss Pelicano
Fabric by Åhléns

"A-Line" Shoulder bag
Pattern by Miss Pelicano
Fabric from IKEA

This one is the Amy Karol Charming Handbag, from Bend the Rules Sewing, but in an expanded XL version. So now it's more of a shoulder bag, but still quite charming, I think. This is a fun pattern to try in many sizes. The fabric is also from Åhléns.

The orange and the lime green polka dot linings are from a small local fabric shop in Lisbon, Portugal. The light blue polka dot lining is from Panduro.

These are the 4 little purses:

Fabric for purses - left to right: 1. Åhléns 2. Vera Bradley fabric from local shop in Lisbon, Portugal 3. Traditional Portuguese "Chita", from local shop in Portugal 4."Willow" pattern, from local shop in England.
Polka dot linings are from Portugal and Sweden.

I think I like polka dot linings!

Note: The lucky ladies getting these presents don't know about this blog. That's why I can publish the photos ahead of time!

Note: Let me know if you are interested in a tutorial for the "A-Line" shoulder bag! You are welcome to use these ideas but I would really appreciate it if you link to my blog/post! Thank you! And have fun!


  1. Lindo!!! A encomenda é para mim!!! Adorei. Acho que TODAS as Prof.ª vão adorar! Obrigada. AB

  2. Quanta actividade por aqui ! e que tecidos bonitos, ve-se que andas inspirada pelo Lineus , tudo muito florido ! quando estive na suecia fui visitar o museu do lineus em uppsala, lindo !
    sim, seria boa ideia fazeres um tutorial ! :-)
    a tua coleccao de aneis tambem nao e ma ;-)) adoro aneis de prata com pedras !

  3. Esse tecido do mocho é lindo;) Parabéns pelo teu trabalho!

  4. Para além dos trabalhos adorei o primeiro livro que pousa sob a cadeira, o de plantas, lindoooo!

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