Friday, 13 August 2010

1 Year!

Yes! My blog is 1 year old today!
And to celebrate - although modestly - I've made a pair of Quick Garden Gloves because that was also the first project I posted about exactly a year ago! And also because it's a nice introduction to the next theme starting  very soon on this blog!

This time I added little loops so you can hang the gardening gloves. And I think it really gave them a nice little extra detail which is also very useful! What do you think?
The fabric is from a children's top from a second hand shop. And, as usual, I like using contrasting thread.

 Although I don't normally use gardening gloves when I'm gardening it's so fun to sew your own and to have them hanging there where you can always look at them and feel happy!

 Gardening gloves in action on my balcony! 
Hint to the next few posts! ...

* * *

Now, back to the blog business. Many times I feel I should just stop blogging as I have enough things going on anyway. Many times I'm not even sure why I blog. But when these questions pop into my head, someone drops in a sweet comment, or someone sends me a gift, or someone commissions something... and then I feel that maybe there is a point with my blog.
I have met so many creative and kind people. Some of you I've now even met personally! And the positive and constructive attitude of all the bloggers I've come across has in itself been one of the biggest sources of inspiration.  It's been wonderful to get the support of those who pop in for a look and a read.

So thank you so so much for your company! And I hope you will continue to visit me! I have definitely enjoyed having you all around!

And although today is Friday the 13th I'm sure this is the start of a new and very happy and productive year!


  1. Happy blogavesary (I don't know if the spelling is right lol) Barbara! Keep on blogging my friend! When you blog as a personal diary of your sewing/craft/life adventure it will be more worth it! Thank you for being a great blog friend too even if we're halfway across the globe from each other. And btw, gorgeous glove! Love your tag too :)

  2. Parabéns pelo blog. Afinal com ele descobriste que tens MUITO jeito para a costura!!! Beijinhos e parabéns!!! AB

  3. Obrigada nós por te podermos ler! Parabéns pelo 1º aniversário e por nos dares a conhecer o teu trabalho! Fico a pensar que me esqueci do meu 1º e 2º aniversário de blog e que sou mesmo muito distraída. As luvas estão muito giras e o tecido apesar de já ser usado é bastante amoroso; imagino que não deve ser nada fácil fazer umas luvas, bastante trabalhoso... Gosto tb da etiqueta em verde, diferencia-se das brancas às quais estamos tão acostumadas a ver.
    Bjs da Deva :)

  4. Congratulations and Happy First Birthday! Many more to come hopefully. What wonderful colours textures moments and ideas you've given us this year! More please! And whatever you do - keep on keeping on! /M

  5. Parabéns por este primeiro ano, Bárbara, o primeiro de muitos!

    Gosto muito das luvas - eu uso sempre luvas para fazer jardinagem (lá no fundo sou uma urbana) e ando com vontade de fazer umas dessas.

    Beijinhos e até breve|

  6. Obrigada pelos Parabéns!
    Thank you for the blogaversay (?);) wishes!

  7. A big Hug and Congratulations on your first Blog Birthday! Your blog makes me smile and feel happy inside! Your fabric combinations, sewing interests, and celebration of family are a wonderful addition to the world of the craft blog. Keep it up, even if you have to make small posts!

  8. Eu quero, eu quero umas luvas dessas!;)
    Muitos parabéns pelo primeiro aniversário e espero do fundo do coração que contes muitos, foi graças a ele que nos conhecemos de facto! beijinhos

  9. adorable!!

  10. Que lindas luvas! Estou conhecendo o blog apenas hoje, mas já posso agradecer pelo conteúdo belo e interessante! Parabéns pelo aniversário!

  11. Muito muito obrigada por mais palavras simpáticas!

    Thanks so much for the positive feedback! :)

  12. Só conheci hoje o blog e gostei bastante! Parabéns pelo aniversário.
    Esta foto inspirou-me. Espero conseguir fazer uma coisa, depois mostro :)

  13. Olá Bárbara!
    Parabéns e keep blogging! Adoro ler-te!

  14. Hi...I'm Laura from Italy! Lovely blog!
    I'd like to invite you to visite also my blog :D

    Laura from Italy

  15. I just love your globes!!!!