Saturday, 28 August 2010

For the Portuguese Cancer League

As I had posted earlier the lovely children's clothes shop Piri Piri in Lisbon, Portugal, has been driving a campaign for the children's cancer hospital in that city. They are collecting sock puppets which anyone can make and will then donate them to this hospital. It's a fabulous campaign and they already have a few hundred puppets!

It turned out that one of the owners of Piri Piri was an old friend from school! 
And over 20 years later (!!!!!! Am I WE that old????) we met up again! In her shop!

Me with Cristina in Piri Piri
Here we are! And Cristina still looks exactly the same! With her contagious and always so so happy smile!
Isn't the shop just beautiful! If you visit Lisbon don't miss a visit to the shop, for a browse, a buy and a lovely chat with Cristina!

What are we holding? 
I was so happy to be able to personally donate the two puppets I made at home with my kids for the campaign. And there we are, holding them!

If you want, join the campaign! Make a sock puppet and send it to:

Loja Piri Piri
R. Almeida e Sousa, 39-A 
1350-008 LISBOA

This is also the adress where you can visit the shop! It's located in a beautiful part of town which is really worth visiting!

Check out the link for this campaign on Facebook!


  1. :) E que babetes tão giros ali ao fundo! ;) Beijinhos também para ti, Catarina!

  2. I love the pictures of the two of you with the sock puppets. Yes - we should make a sock puppet or two to send your way. I have a small list of things to finish, and sock puppets are always a very fun thing to make.

  3. Two little sock puppets done! I will post them soon!

  4. thank you for your kind visit again. I love the way you express yourself in your blog. It looks like so natural and lovely. I love this energy!!!!