Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Yard Sale Skirt in Vintage Fabric

Finally, a year after sewing it, here is my Yard Sale Skirt from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross
It took a year to get some photos of it!

Although at the very beginning of my sewing phase, it was an excellent item of clothing to sew:
  1. It was a skirt, and I love skirts, all year round. 
  2. It didn't require a zip
  3. It had just enough challenges that both made it accessible and took me a step further in my sewing. 
  4. It taught me how to do a french seam (look here, for example) and gave me plenty of practice on how to do it 
  5. It gave me one of my favourite summer skirts!
I found the vintage fabric (60's?) in a flea market last year, here in Sweden. It was sold as a large table cloth and the minute I saw it I knew I just had to have it! I loved the yellow and the leafy pattern on it and after saying I was a student I got if for a great price!
So, with the perfect fabric I got a fresh and very practical summer skirt which I've worn a lot both last year and this year. I like the casual feel of the wrap around and it has a lot of twirl perfect for busy playful summers with my children.

Yard Sale Skirt
With my lovely L. giving me flowers 
in the Caldas da Rainha market in Portugal

Now, I wasn't aware of the errata for this book until much later, after finishing the skirt... When I had problems understanding how to sew the waistband on I thought I really should not even have dreamt that I could sew my own skirt, so I just did it how I htought it could be. And it works. But after coming across different customer reviews I realised that maybe it was really the instructions which weren't so clear... And luckily enough I didn't need the extra 7th panel which is really reccomended for the Small size.

So, if you plan to sew this skirt I reccomend you read through the errata and the customer reviews first.
But, I can still say I am extremely pleased with my Yard Sale Skirt in vintage fabric!
And for the book, I still highly reccomend it for its varied and inspiring projects, which you can actually do in a weekend! And use them and enjoy them for a very long time!


  1. O tecido é lindo e o modelo também! Além disso gosto da fotografia no mercado :- )

  2. Snyggt jobbat miss Pelicano!

  3. Gosto muito do tecido assim como do modelo. Parece uma saia acabada de sair de uma loja, perfeita!

  4. It looks lovely . Well done! Did you receive my mail?

  5. Está giríssima. Adoro o modelo! Parabéns. AB

  6. Esta também está na minha to-do list. Ficou mesmo gira! E obrigada pelo link com a errata... Caldas da Rainha? Bela cidade, parte da minha família é de lá...

  7. I LOVE the fabric! It is no surprise that this skirt has become a favorite so quickly. Nice balcony too - I have often admired wood tiles like the ones you have there.

  8. love love love this skirt!!!!

  9. Que linda saia Bárbara, muitos parabéns! As fotografias também são bonitas, a mercado da Caldas é perfeito:)