Wednesday, 28 October 2009

First commission!

It's fun to sew for yourself.
It's fun to sew for your friends and family.
But it feels really special when someone commissions something to sell in their shop!

This is the business card i made to leave at the shop.

Today I delievered nine bibs to be sold in Inci! This is a cute little shop in the outskirts of Stockholm, selling toys, scrapbooking material, children's books and now, my bibs!

I'm very excited!

Like a mum to her newborn child takes millions of photos, that's how I felt today as I tried to get as many photos of the bibs as I could!

With Christmas creeping up on us I created a small collection of christmassy bibs, but avoiding the very traditional prints.

I named this collection "Nu är det Jul igen" (Now it's Christmas again) -
a traditional Swedish Christmas song which people sing dancing around the Christmas tree.

Two bibs were a copy of two other bibs I had made before.

I had fun making the labels!


  1. Bárbara, ESTÃO LINDOS!!!!!!!!! A sério. Adoro.
    Beijinhos. Ana

  2. Quero encomendar um para a Miriam!

  3. I saw your labels a few months ago, and I loved them. I'm a new blogger I wanted add a comment but I didn't remember your blog's name and it has taken me two days to find "where I saw those lovely label". Anyway, I'll follow you.